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Chain of AED Registry Readiness TM

Take your AED's from a spreadsheet to an interactive map that can be shared with your community

  • Create your own map to link to your website
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  • Create process for future registrations
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Register your AED to help you and 911 save lives

  • All 3,142 counties in the US can freely utilize the AEDregistry.org process
  • A landing page for every county is created and synced to the AEDregistry app.
  • Exclusive access to the AED Ready Store™ for supplies, nationwide training and support.
  • Free Readiness Alerts
  • Admin access to manage your own AED

Making AEDs Truly Public & Verified Ready TM

Whether you’re a city, campus or company, your citizens will now have the ability to view the nearest verified AED’s.