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Making AEDs Truly Public & Verified Ready

Free EMS Registration... Every County... Nationwide

All lives are worth protecting

Are you ready to protect?

AED locations clearly mapped

Are you on the map? Help us populate your county’s map by geo-locating & pinning AEDs throughout your community using the AED Registry App! Available on in the Google Play and Apple App Store.

AED Registry offical app

Register your AED today and receive FREE EMS Registration (all 3,143 counties included) and FREE Registry Ready™ Alerts.

AEDs verified as ready
Verified Ready

Is your device ready to save a life? Our nationwide affiliates and registrars actively manage and maintain the readiness of every AED through our Registry Ready™ Alerts & ongoing verification process.

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Become an Affiliate Instructor

Are you an instructor looking to further the mission of protecting and saving lives in your community?
Training Class Referrals
Affiliate Rewards Program
Effortlessly add additional revenue streams while
protecting lives & growing your training business.

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Make AEDs Public

“The mandate of true leadership is to protect and serve, so others may live... Welcome to!”

— Paramedic Brent Hetherington, Founder and President